Yeoman CL8 Gas Stove

Yeoman CL8

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​Contemporary and powerful gas stove

The Yeoman CL gas stove range has expanded to include a new larger model, the CL8. With a heat output of up to 5.6kW, the new Yeoman CL8 is a highly-efficient gas stove that has a stunning glowing ember feature, highly realistic hand-painted log effect fuel bed and an attractive flame picture.

The movement of the flames is accentuated by the addition of mirror-like stainless steel interior lining which, add another level of enticement to the wide flame viewing area.

The Yeoman CL8 gas stove also benefits from the option of a mains adaptor that does away with the requirement for periodic battery replacement; adding to the convenience of the command systems. The adaptor can be plugged into a power socket up to 1.5 metres away ensuring the power supply to the stove is consistent and efficient.This large gas stove is available with a thermostatic remote control for extra charge.

The Yeoman CL8 model is also offered in a wood burning and multi-fuel stove version – See our other listings.

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Yeoman CL8