Transform Your Home With A Modern Gas Fire

Gas fires have been a popular choice for many years due to their convenience and ease of use. However, there has been a shift towards modern gas fires that not only offer convenience but also style and efficiency. In this article, we will explore the benefits of them and answer some common questions surrounding their use.

Are modern gas fires more efficient?

Yes, modern gas fires are more efficient than traditional gas fires. This is because they are designed to burn gas more cleanly, reducing waste and maximizing heat output. They also come with advanced features such as programmable thermostats, which allow homeowners to regulate the temperature and save energy. Additionally, they can be equipped with heat exchangers, which capture and redistribute heat to other areas of the home. These features make modern gas fires a more cost-effective heating option compared to traditional gas fires.

modern gas fires

The modern gas fire shown in this contemporary interior is a Gazco Riva2 600

Are gas fires to be phased out?

There has been talk of phasing out gas appliances, including gas fires, due to their contribution to carbon emissions. While it is true that gas fires do emit carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, modern gas fires are designed to minimize these emissions. Furthermore, gas fires are still a popular and convenient heating option for many homeowners. Instead of phasing out gas fires altogether, there may be a shift towards more sustainable gas sources or the use of electric fires in the future.

Is it worth buying a new gas fire?

If you currently have a traditional gas fire, it may be worth upgrading to a modern gas fire for the increased efficiency and style options. Modern gas fires come in a range of contemporary designs, from sleek and minimalist to bold and artistic. This allows homeowners to choose a gas fire that not only provides heat but also adds to the overall aesthetic of their home. Additionally, the advanced features can save homeowners money in the long run.

Convenience and your in control!

At Danton Fireplaces, we understand that convenience is a top priority for many homeowners when it comes to heating their homes. This is why we recommend gas fires as an ideal option. Unlike wood burning fires, gas fires can be turned on and off instantly, without the need to wait for the fire to catch. Furthermore, gas fires require no preparation, making them a low-maintenance option. To enhance the convenience factor, many modern gas fires come with remote control systems that allow homeowners to adjust the flame height, set a timer, and turn the fire on and off from the comfort of their sofa. At our showroom, we offer a wide range of gas fires with remote controls, ensuring that you can find the perfect option to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Realistic Log Effects

At Danton Fireplaces, we understand that many homeowners still appreciate the traditional look of a wood fire, but want to avoid the mess and hassle that comes with it. This is where modern gas fires come in. Our selection of gas fires offers a realistic log effect that mimics the look of a traditional wood fire. Thanks to advances in technology, gas fires can now provide a natural-looking log effect without any of the required routines such as gathering logs or clearing ash. The realistic logs are designed to look just like the real thing, complete with charring to enhance the effect. The result is a modern gas fire that not only looks but also feels just like a wood fire, but with all the convenience of gas. Visit our showroom to see our selection of gas fires with realistic log effects and experience the warmth and ambiance they provide.

modern gas fires

Freestanding gas fire shown above is the Onyx Liv 3 Gas Stove

To finish

In conclusion, modern gas fires offer a convenient, stylish, and efficient heating option for homeowners. While there may be talk of phasing out gas fires in the future, modern gas fires are designed to minimize carbon emissions and maximize energy efficiency. If you are considering purchasing a new gas fire, it may be worth investing in a modern gas fire for the benefits it provides. Danton Fireplaces offers a wide range of to suit any home decor and heating needs. Visit our website or showroom to explore our selection and find the perfect gas fire for your home.


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