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Wood Burning Stoves Grimsby

Stoves - Wood & Multifuel - Varde Uniq 1

Varde Uniq 1

Varde Uniq 1 Black Low Base

Uniq’s overall appearance exudes classic, timeless design. A closer look reveals elegant detailing: the joints, the corners and the attractive handle. Its tall, slender shape means that it does not take up much space in a room, while still generating a great amount of heat, thanks to its large surface area. The air supply is adjusted using a simple knob, and the self-cleaning glass function means that the glass will always remain clean if the stove is used correctly. The Uniq stove is delivered wtih AirBox system. You just have to connect it with a flex pipe.

With its three sides, Uniq 1 is a 180 degree experience. The fire from this stove really lights up the room. The side windows are double glazed. There is a large, practical space for storing fuel in the base of the stove.

Backfitting and topfitting

Price: £1499.00 | FREE Delivery Approx 10 working days



480mm W x 1030mm H x 370mm D
5.5 Kw