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Wood Burning Stoves Grimsby

Stoves - Wood & Multifuel - Dovre Astroline 2CB

Dovre Astroline 2CB

Astroline Contemporary Wood Stove

The Astroline 2CB wood burner has similar contemporary styling to the Astroline 1CB stove and features the latest Cleanburn and Airwash technology for impressive heating performance and efficiency. The large ceramic glass panel also provides the superb views and comforting ambiance that only a real wood burner can bring.

The Astroline 2CB Pedestal and Astroline 2CB wood store stove versions are also available with this model. Retaining the same firebox characteristics, heat output and high efficiency of the original Astroline 2CB stove, the Astroline 2CB Pedestal and Astroline 2CB wood store variants offer two more styling options to attract the eye and make bigger impact in the room. Whether for tall inglenooks or to stand proudly in the centre of the wall, the stylish Astroline 2CB wood stoves have the versatility to match and punctuate your own contemporary tastes.

For draught reduction, the Astroline 2CB Pedestal and Astroline 2CB wood store have built in outside air connection which, if required, can be used to draw combustion directly into the appliance, not from the room, but from outside.

Price: £1785.00 | FREE Delivery Approx 10 working days



520 x 890 x 450mm (w x h x d)
High efficiency
up to 78%
150mm top or rear
Wood burning