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Wiking Mini

Wiking Mini 2

New mini wood-burning stove for low-energy housingIn small or well-insulated housing, a traditional wood-burning stove can prove to be too powerful. Wiking is now introducing a new mini wood-burning stove, specially designed to heat up small and low-energy housing during winter.Newly built houses are so well-insulated that this has a bearing on the air, the indoor climate and the demand for heating. For a low-energy house, which demands less energy to be heated up, a traditional wood-burning stove may simply prove to be too powerful. This is why the Dan-ish manufacturer of wood-burning stoves Hwam A/S has developed a new and smaller wood-burning stove, especially for low-energy houses and other small dwellings such as summer houses, where fewer square metres and lower energy consumption make other demands for heating.The name is Wiking Mini 2. The stove has a classic, rectangular shape, but the slightly curved sides lend Mini 2 a very modern expression. The door is equipped with Wiking’s unique closing mechanism and a large glass pane that ensures the greatest possible view of the fire.Like Wiking’s other stoves, Mini 2 can be customised to match any living room, and you can choose between low or high legs or an elevated plinth.

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Height (short leg version)
DEFRA approved