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Wood Burning Stoves Grimsby

Accessories - Stove Rope & Glue - Heat Resistant Stove/Fire Rope Sealant Glue

Sealant Glue
Sealant Glue

Heat Resistant Stove/Fire Rope Sealant Glue

Heat Resistant Stove Rope or Sealant Rope GLUE used for sealing stove rope. 30ml bottle.

Used with Heat resistant stove rope to secure. Special glue that is heat resistant designed for holding the rope in place. 30ml bottle. Apply and leave for 10 mins. Once the stove is lit then the glue will harden within 20 mins to give a complete seal.

Vitcas Branded Product - Top Quality and Performance.

Please note black or white may be sent.

Price: £5.00 | FREE Delivery Approx 3 working days