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Wood Burning Stoves Grimsby

Accessories - Flues - 10mtr Flexible 6" inch Multifuel 904 grade Liner

Liner pack
Liner pack

10mtr Flexible 6" inch Multifuel 904 grade Liner

6" Flexible Mulitifuel Stainless Steel Liner PACK in 10mtr length. 904 Grade. Includes Pot Hanging Cowl and Adapter.

Stainless Steel flexible flue liner for multifuel product. Slightly thicker than than the woodburning 316 grade, this is the heavy duty 904/904 grade liner for use with anyone wishing to burn mainly solid fuel (smokless coal etc) over wood.

Comes with a 25 year warranty. If you intend to ONLY burn wood then please look at our 316/316 liner. Comes in a 10mtr length which can be easily cut down.

6" flue diameter which is the minimum recommended diameter you should use for solid fuel stoves. Suitable for internal use in an existing chimney only.

PACK includes liner, vitreous to liner adapter (please advise when ordering if you require 5-6 increaser or 6-6 adapter size) and pot hanging cowl.

Price: £480.00 | FREE Delivery Approx 3 working days



10mtr 6" Diameter length. 904 Grade. 25 year warranty.