Stovax Vogue Medium Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Stoves


Ecodesign Plusy
EfficiencyUp to 80% efficiency*
Nominal Heat Output and RangeWB: 7.8kW
MF: 8.2kW (when burning smokeless fuels)
Approved for Smoke Control Areas**y
Cleanburn & Airwashy
Integral cast iron top platey
Optional Midline wood store basey
Optional Plinth basey
Optional external air kity
Maximum Log Length430mm or 17″
Flue outlet6” top or rear
Stove bench compatibley

* Multi-fuel when burning smokeless fuels
** Subject to official listing

The Stovax Vogue Medium wood burning and multi-fuel stove provides an impressive 7kW of heat, making it a great choice for larger living spaces. With an expansive stove window that features self-cleaning Airwash technology, the Medium’s superb flame visuals provide a captivating focal point on a cold winter’s eve. Featuring the very latest combustion technology, this eco-friendly stove burns so cleanly it is compliant with future Ecodesign emission standards.

Available with Plinth or Midline log store base options, this modern-traditional wood burning and multi-fuel stove can be either installed into a fireplace opening or placed freestanding against a wall. The Vogue Medium is also compatible with our range of stove benches for an alternative but eye-catching installation.