Contura i4 Modern 4S Fireplace insert

The Contura i4 has an effective convection system. This means as well as heat radiating from the body of the stove, it also draws in cool air from the room, heats it and releases it quickly back into the room as warm air.DEFRA

An airwash system ensures that the glass stays clear of sooty deposits, for the ultimate flame picture.

The Contura i4 Modern with 4 sided frame has a high positioned damper and handle that makes it easy to manage the fire.

The cast iron door is solid and easy to open and close with the removable handle, which is available in either cast iron or stainless steel. The handle even stays cold.

The ashpan has a large capacity and is easy to empty.

As an optional extra, an outside air connection kit is available, which means the stove draws its air in from outside rather than the room.

The Contura i4 Modern Insert is also DEFRA approved for use in smoke controlled areas.

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