Firebelly FB3 up to 18 kW

Product Description

Firebelly FB3 18 up to KW  Woodburner 

A unique new brand of hand-built wood burning stoves, Firebelly, is breathing fire into living space across the UK.
Teeming with the latest technology Firebelly stoves combines this with time-honoured and beautiful design to offer connoisseurs everything they would want from a contemporary wood burner.

Designed and hand-built in the UK, these sophisticated stoves will even win over the uninitiated with their subtle styling and pleasing proportions.

The FB3 wood burner will sit as comfortably as its cosy owner in any interior. The FB3 has advanced controls to allow easy regulation of the burning rate to ensure that the stove burns efficiently and cleanly and follows the same design principles as the FB1 and FB2 models but with an impressive output of 18kW.

Features include :

    • Huge glass window that creates ambience by offering a great view of the wood burning flames.
    • Unique and uninterrupted ‘air shield’ system that helps maintain a clean glass panel.
    • Stay-cool door handle.
    • Air convection channels that distribute heat evenly and efficiently into the room.
    • Heat reflective fire-bricks line every side, the top and the bottom. This keeps the fire bed at optimum temperature.
    • Choice of top or rear flue outlet for 6″ (150mm) flue pipe.
    • Dimensions H605mm W640mm D640mm
  • Double Sided Version also available