Dru Global 40 Inset Gas Fire

Dru Global 40 CF gas fire

DRU Global gas fires offer all the benefits of a quality DRU fires, but at a prices that are affordable for the average household. They have imaginative designs with robust engineering standards and are built to last for years and years to come.

Global gas fires are available in both balanced flue and conventional flue formats. The balanced flue versions can be installed in homes with or without a traditional chimney, offering style, efficiency and flexibility. The conventional flue versions are designed to be inserted into Class 1 British or Irish chimneys, with ease and economy of installation. Global 40 CF. A first class gas fire for a Class 1 chimney

Global 40 CF is the smallest of the Global gas fire range. It is a traditional, conventional flue inset gas fire that can be inserted directly into a Class 1 chimney with no additional building renovation work necessary.

It has a beautiful log fire display powered by remote control and runs on natural gas or LPG. It can be combined with two British made solid stone fire surrounds. Aura has a classic design and Eclipse a more futuristic feel.

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