Contura 320T Woodburning Stove inc Log Store. Soapstone

Soapstone is a pure, natural material with individual veining and excellent heat retaining characteristics. A soapstone surround makes your stove unique. The generous glass pane in the cast iron door gives a superb view of the fire and the handle remains comfortably cool. You might want to add a practical storage drawer.

Log compartment – A practical compartment under the stove which keeps the logs in order.

Simple to use – Contura products are equipped with a single control for exact output regulation, which allows simple and precise combustion control.

Long logs – Due to the size of the insert it is possible to light a fire using logs up to 50 centimeters. This gives you a large and attractive fire that burns for longer.

Cast iron door – In order to resist the stresses that arise with the large temperature variations, the door must be made from shape-retaining cast iron.