ACR VitaMax Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Enjoy tasty pizza cooked beautifully in just minutes with the VitaMax log fired pizza oven. Offered in a choice of Nero or Rosso finish, the VitaMax premium pizza oven is crafted from top quality materials for that perfect Italian dining experience!

The largest model in the range, the VitaMax is from a premium range of log fired pizza ovens brought to you by ACR. Lovingly designed in Italy, the Vita Max will allow you to enjoy a slice of the most authentic and tasty pizza plus other scrumptious dishes, beautifully cooked in just minutes. Crafted using top quality materials, this stylish pizza oven is supplied with its own dedicated stand, side shelves and flue with the curved oven body available in a choice of Nero black or Rosso red.

The VitaMax can reach temperatures of 500°C in 30 minutes and features premium insulation to retain heat. The Steel outer body with stainless steel inner, complete with insulation provides greater heat retention. A Chamotte oven base helps to achieve the ultimate Pizza crispiness!

A versatile appliance, the VitaMax can also be used for roasting, slow cooking and a host of additional delicious delicacies!

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