HWAM® SmartControl ™ is an electronic air control system developed* to help you achieve the cleanest possible combustion. HWAM® SmartControl™ controls the whole process for you, whereby you automatically achieve the best possible combustion every time.
* in collaboration with DTU (Denmarks Technical University)

This is how easy it is

Light the fire as usual

With HWAM® SmartControl™ you light the fire as you would with any other stove. No changes here.

Set the desired room temperature on your smartphone

Use the app on your phone or tablet to set the room temperature level with the push of a button. The solution allows you to quickly and easily control how hot it is in the room.

The app will tell you when it’s time to fill up the stove with more firewood. This way you don’t have to constantly keep an eye on the fuel level in the stove – HWAM® SmartControl™ does that for you.

HWAM® Autopilot™

A wood-burning stove with HWAM® Autopilot ™ ensures excellent combustion – for the benefit of the environment and your firewood consumption – without any manual regulation of the air supply.

Thanks to a bimetal spring, the air supply to the combustion chamber is automatically adjusted to get the most heat out of your firewood. The bimetal spring expands or contracts, depending on the temperature of the combustion chamber, thereby regulating the dampers so that the fire is supplied with the right amount of air.

All HWAM stoves are equipped with HWAM® Autopilot ™ as standard.

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