Cottam Barcelona Cast Iron Polished Fireplace

Cottam Barcelona Cast Iron

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The Cottam (Barcelona) Cast Iron Fireplace FASCIA. Fully Polished and for use as a decorative feature or solid fuel/gas/electric.

Fabulous looking Cottam Cast Iron Full Polished Fireplace complete with cast back. Priced as standard for use as a decorative feature however please see options below to upgrade. Please note the granite hearth is not included in the decorative price.

Can be fitted against a wall where no flue exists (please note that you require approx a 22h x16w x8d opening).

Alternatively you could remove the cast back and place upto a completely flat wall with no chopping out. Ideal for sitting candles on, placing flowers in etc. Please note that the very top of the shelf is matt grey.

You can opt for this setup for either solid fuel/gas/electric.

Dimensions 1000mm h x 920mm w x 120mm d.
Hearth Size 48″ w x 15″ d

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